Simone Webb Simone Webb

Let's Pretend It's Forever II by Simone Webb

GiclĂ©e print, 28 x 35.5cm, 2014 

Although working in different mediums, different scales and even different countries, artists Simone Webb and Tiffanie Turner both have one element in common; their subject matter. Flora are at the center of both of their works, inevitably forging an exploration into the difference in scale and mediums. In this new work, Webb strays away from exploring the transitionary states that occur in natural phenomena to embrace the delicate and still beauty of Turner's giant, intricate paper flowers. By scaling these large, explosive blooms back down to a size manageable on the printed page, Webb captures their solitary beauty in a way their original capacity never would have granted. Webb and Turner worked together to find the tension and balance in these compositions, which were executed by Webb in her UK studio.